Adolf Hitler was addicted to crystal meth
Author Martin Amis claims Hitler and Eva Braun ‘had sex without touching each other or taking their clothes off’ because he was so fanatical about hygiene.Wikimedia Commons/Bundesarchiv

The mystery surrounding the Führer, Adolf Hitler, is manifold. While for many people he is the devil incarnate, for a few others he was the secular Messiah with the ideology of optimism. Whether you love him or hate him, he cannot be ignored.

About seven decades after his death, his allure is still evident and the many secrets that have been unfolded since his death has only added to his enigma.

While Hitler's already-tarnished reputation was further questioned with rumours about a possible addiction to crystal meth, now best-selling author Martin Amis has come out with claims that Adolf Hitler and his lover Eva Brown probably had sex without touching each other or even getting naked.

Amis revealed during his speech at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature, that he believes the German dictator kept Brown at arm's length and would achieve orgasm just by watching her lift her skirt.

During the discussion of the Nazi leader's sexuality, or lack thereof, Amis described how a typical sex scenario in the life of the asexual and obsessively hygienic Hitler would unfold: "He would fortify his underpants with clean serviettes and napkins. Then he would go into some sort of excitation with Eva Braun staying a safe distance."

Amis, whose latest novel "The Zone of Interest" is set during the Holocaust, further claims that the reason for people to not relate with Hitler is his lack of sexuality. ".. I'm convinced that one of the reasons why we don't recognise Hitler is that he's sexually a void," he said.

There are three schools of thought when it comes to Hitler's sexuality: One is normality, which Amis says can immediately be thrown out because it is impossible to see Hitler as a considerate and energetic lover; the next one is asexuality and the third is perversion.

"There are no real clues about his sexuality except that he wouldn't take his clothes off even for his physician and he was also fanatical about cleanliness, which suggests to be asexuality plus," ascertains Amis.

In June last year, published letters from a Nazi soldier and Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll revealed that a "miracle pill" called Pervitin or, as we know it today, crystal meth was administered on soldiers to them awake and motivated, despite the desperate conditions on the front line.

More recently, a research by the American military intelligence has revealed that Adolf Hitler was himself a regular user of the Class A drug, which is now a household name, thanks to Walter White of "Breaking Bad".

It has also been alleged that Hitler injected Vitamultin, which contains Methamphetamine, nine times as the World War II was ending, while in his bunker, which is where he spent his final months. It also claims that during the famous meeting between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in July 1943, the former is believed to have been under the influence of crystal meth.

The dossier had also rubbished the rumours that claimed the Nazi leader lost a testicle when he was injured at the Battle of the Somme. They also shot down claims that Hitler was a predatory homosexual who massacred 150 supporters to keep his single-testicle secret behind the curtains.