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There's no denying that Kamal Haasan has had a controversial love life. He was first married to Vani Ganapathy. However, after 10 years (1978-88) of their marriage, they ended their relationship. Even before the divorce, he fell in love with Sarika with whom he has two daughters – Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan.

His second wedding too ended in a divorce in 2004. Thereafter, he was in a live-in relationship with Gauthami which they broke up in 2016. However, his life came full circle when Kamal claimed in an interview that he had gone bankrupt after giving up his divorce alimony to his first wife Vani Ganapathy.

However, Kamal Haasan's claim didn't go down well with Vani who slammed her ex-husband for digging up old skeletons. She shot back at him saying that alimony doesn't drive anyone to bankruptcy.

"For 28 years we have been divorced and I have always refrained from mudslinging, because it's a very private affair. In the heat of the moment, when everything is still fresh, things can be said, but we have both moved on now. Why does he behave like a man obsessed?" Vani had told Deccan Chronicle in an interview.

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She further added, "But my making him bankrupt is completely false. In what court in the world has alimony been allowed to drive someone to bankruptcy? I was completely shocked when I read it. His ego must have been hurt when I walked out of the marriage, but so much has happened since. He could have said financial crisis and let the subject pass. Our relationship lasted 12 years and I know him well - he doesn't answer a question if he doesn't want to. Kamal knows better than anyone how to fake a smile and charm his way out of a situation."

When Vani was asked if alimony was a part of divorce proceedings, she said that it's a private matter and she would not like to specify any details about it. "There was alimony, yes, but it was too petty to discuss, really. He even refused to give me used appliances from the flat we shared. What could I expect from a man like that?" she said.