Web series are landing in trouble more often than most forms of content these days. Perhaps for the creative liberty, the makers get, unsettles the population where the content doesn't follow known, tried, and tested formulas. ALT Balaji has now come under fire for an episode on XXX.

Hindustani Bhau recently criticised an episode on the show XXX which airs on ALT Balaji. The YouTuber, Vikas Pathak even filed a police complaint against the show and Ekta Kapoor for showing the army in poor light. Following the news, netizens have been trending #ALTBalaji_Insults_Army on Twitter, calling out the company and Ekta Kapoor.

Hindustani Bhau and Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor under fire for an episode of XXX's showcasing of the army

There are some areas where crossing the line isn't recommended in the Indian space when it comes to content. For years and generations, it's been like this. When OTT platforms arrived in India on a big scale, content creators assumed there would be more creative freedom, less censorship. Yet, at every step of the way, there are still unwritten rules of the game that don't budge across modes of streaming. 

ALT Balaji's show XXX recently had an episode 'Pyaar Aur Plastic', in which an army jawan's wife is having an affair when her husband is on duty. In a scene, she gets her boyfriend to wear her husband's uniform. This particular episode offended many who believed this is disrespectful towards the Indian army and portrays those at the frontlines in a bad light.

Vikas Pathak, better known as Hindustani Bhau a Youtuber who appeared as a contestant on Bigg Boss, took offence with the makers of the show and Bollywood producer Ekta Kapoor. He went so far as to file a police complaint against them. He called her an 'anti-national' and demanded that action be taken against the offenders.

Now on Twitter #ALTBalaji_Insults_Army is trending as the public demands that Ekta Kapoor apologises, calling out the producer for promoting this content and allowing the platform to have derogatory content on the Indian army. 

Many shows, episodes of shows, such as Paatal Lok, Hasmukh, etc. have all found themselves in legal trouble. Nearly no OTT platform has escaped the wrath of the internet in this new form of public censorship that takes place online. It doesn't matter what ground reality proves, or perhaps we're living a new type of ground reality. It's time for OTT platforms to tread with caution, lest we lose a medium which was meant to be powerful.