Right-wing groups such as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Bajrang Dal and the Shiv Sena are reportedly set to start a 'Hindu helpline' service in Jharkhand to get inputs on cow slaughter and beef trade and even to help 'Hindu brothers' in financial and legal matters. 

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad already runs a national 24/7 'Hindu helpline', with call centre operators reportedly receiving complaints about 'love jihad' and cow slaughter. 

The 'Hindu helpline' in Jharkhand is set to become operational by 2016, and about 100 activists are being trained to handle calls and complaints, according to Hindustan Times

"I would urge all our Hindu brothers to inform us about any incident of cow slaughter or beef sale they come across in Jharkhand," Nagendar Pandey, the convenor of the helpline, was quoted saying. 

Cow slaughter and beef consumption has become a raging issue in the country following the implementation of beef bans across several BJP-ruled states such as Maharashtra and Haryana this year, followed by incidents of violence such as the Dadri lynching, in which a Muslim man was killed by a mob over rumours that he had consumed beef. 

While the Hindutva groups, which are starting the helpline for Hindus in Jharkhand, have said they will not encourage hostility, they also said that they will 'go out on the ground to stop illegal cow slaughter', according to HT. 

The complaints of cow slaughter on the helpline will be forwarded to the VHP's Gao Raksha Samiti, which will take up the case with the local police. 

"Checking beef sale and slaughter will only be a part of the facilities provided through the helpline. It will have greater relevance of giving fast medical aid, business assistance, security and legal support to all Hindu brothers here," a VHP member told the newspaper. 

VHP leader Pravin Togadia had launched a 'Hindu helpline' in 2011 to assist Hindus across states, and recently said that the service has received more than one lakh calls over four years. 

Ha said that the helpline was helping provide Hindus in need of medical and legal assistance with a network of affordable medical services and doctors as well as free legal advice from advocates.