Salman Khan, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde
Salman Khan, Hina Khan, Shilpa ShindeTwitter

Hina Khan is making headlines on Bigg Boss 11 mostly for the wrong reasons. In fact, the TV actress has been slammed by fans on social media several times. Now, Hina has claimed on national television that Salman Khan is "biased" towards Shilpa Shinde.

Salman blasted Hina on the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode for not stopping Priyank Sharma as he body-shamed Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. This episode actually turned out to be anti-Hina Khan, which irked the actress.

Salman then left them alone and just watched how Hina heaped allegations on the makers, claiming they would make Shilpa the winner. Hina changed the topic when Salman appeared on their TV screen all of a sudden.

After the interaction with Salman, Hina was seen in the room with Priyank and Sapna Chaudhary where she said the Sultan actor was biased towards Shilpa.

This is the same Hina Khan who was seen enjoying the initial episodes of Bigg Boss 11 when Salman took Shilpa to task.

This is also the same Hina Khan who insulted Arshi and Shilpa and called them "bhains" in earlier episodes.

Bigg Boss 11 fans have already named her "two-faced," and Hina may have proved them right once again with her "biased" remark.

Karan Patel; Hina Khan; Bigg Boss 11
Karan Patel; Hina KhanInstagram; Bigg Boss/Twitter

In fact, TV actors and Bollywood insiders have tweeted about how Hina is the gossip queen of Bigg Boss.

Recently, TV actor Karan Patel lashed out at her on social media for her disgusting behaviour and even said she was "fake to the soul".

Soon after, Hina's rumoured boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal, who has been supportive of her since the beginning of the show, got into a Twitter war with the actor. (Read full story HERE)

Meanwhile, take a look at Bigg Boss 11 fans' reactions to Hina Khan's "biased" remark: