Actress Himani Shivpuri says it is a challenge to stay true to oneself and at the same time celebrate our stories asa performer.

For the actress, her titular role in the classic stage drama "Hamidabai Ki Kothi" brought on a similar challenge.

"Playing Hamidabai was an eyeopener to how much we've lost in the evolution of our culture and society. In many ways, she mirrors my personal life journey, as a woman fighting to stay true to her passion despite all odds," Himani said.

Himani Shivpuri
Himani ShivpuriPR Handout

"It's a challenge to stay true to oneself and celebrate our stories. I do so by continuing to be what I am, continuing to be myself. I hope the play inspires resilience in the viewers and not pity for what has been lost. My overall experience had the added bonus of working with Vijaya bai, a legend," she added.

In Zee Theatre's classic drama "Hamidabai Ki Kothi", Himani plays the lead role, in a bold story that revolves around the crumbling art of classical music and dance. It stars Amruta Subhash, Ganesh Yadav, Jitendra Jaiswal, Manuj Sharma, Rahul Kumar, and Sandesh Kulkarni, and is directed for the stage by Vijaya Mehta.