• Hillary Clinton logo
    Hillary Clinton's campaign logo for the 2016 US presidential race.null
  • Hillary Clinton: I should have used government email account

Soon after Hillary Clinton announced her entry into the heated US presidential race for 2016, her campaign logo became a major point of discussion on the internet as Wikileaks accused her of "stealing" their logo. 

Hillary's logo is a stark blue 'H' letter with a bold red arrow making up the middle line.

Soon after the logo was made public, memes and caricatures of Clinton and her logo went viral on the internet, but the most prominent response was from Wikileaks, which tweeted: "Hillary Clinton has stolen our innovative WikiLeaks twitter logo design." The accusation was instantly lapped up by netizens, and the post was retweeted 900 times within a few hours. 

Twitterati have criticised the logo for its 'Microsoft Paint'-like look, while many mocked the arrow in the logo for 'pointing to the right', taking it as a sign of Clinton's leaning. 

Here are some of the tweets lambasting Hillary's logo: