"Friends" may be off the air for over a decade, but fans sure are not going to let it rot in the past. While repeated requests, online petitions and even threats for a reunion are falling on deaf ears, fans are looking back at old clips and reassuring themselves that "Friends" still exist.

The latest "Friends" video to go viral is from a deleted scene. The video shows Chandler Bing and Monica Gellar on their honeymoon. However, they get in trouble with the security personnel at the airport, thanks to Chandler's big, sarcastic mouth. Since the episode, which featured the scene, was scheduled to air two weeks after the 9/11 attacks, show-runners deemed it would be insensitive to air it.

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Meanwhile, Matthew Perry, who brought to life the witty and sharp Chandler on the long-running sitcom, is turning 46 on Wednesday, 19 August. And what better way to celebrate it than reminiscing some of his best dialogues from the show. Because although he has gone on to star in other funny shows like "Go On", "Mr Sunshine" and "The Odd Couple", "Friends" still remains the highlight of his career. 

The One where Monica gets a Roommate (Season 1, Episode 1)

Joey: Okay, Ross, you're gettin' a divorce, you're angry, you're hurtin'. Can I tell you what the answer is? Strip joints! Come on! You're single! Have some hormones!
Ross: But I don't want to be single. I just want to be married again.
[Rachel walks in wearing wedding dress]
Chandler: And I just want a million dollars!

The One with the List (Season 2 Episode 8)

Ross: I don't know what I'm gonna do. What am I gonna do? I mean, this, this is like a complete nightmare.
Chandler: Oh, I know, this must be so hard. "Oh no, two women love me. They're both gorgeous and sexy. My wallet's too small for my fifties AND MY DIAMOND SHOES ARE TOO TIGHT."

The One with the Football (Season 3 Episode 9)

Joey: Come on, man, you never wanna do anything since you and Janice broke up.
Chandler: That's not true. I wanted to wear my bathrobe and eat peanut clusters all day. I wanted to start drinking in the morning. Don't say that I don't have goals!

The One with Ross's Wedding: Part One (Season 4 Episode 23)

Monica: Guys, hurry up. The flight leaves in four hours. It could take time to get a taxi. There could be traffic. The plane could leave early. When we get to London, there could be a line at customs. Come on.
Chandler: Six-hour trip to London. That's a lot of Monica

The One where Everybody Finds Out (Season 5 Episode 14)

Phoebe: Bye, Chandler, I miss you already! [Pinches his butt]
Chandler: OK, did you see that with the inappropriate and the pinching?
Monica: Actually, I did.
Chandler: OK, now do believe that she's attracted to me?
Monica: Huh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, she knows about us!
Chandler: Are you serious?
Monica: Phoebe knows about us and she's just trying to freak us out. That's the only explanation for it.
Chandler: OK. But what about my pinchable butt and my bulging biceps... SHE KNOWS.

The One on the Last Night (Season 6 Episode 6)

Chandler: I'm gonna be moving out, so you are gonna be in charge of paying the rent.
Joey: Right! And when's that due?
Chandler: First of the month.
Joey: And that's every month?
Chandler: No, just the months you actually want to live here.

The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part One (Season 7 Episode 23)

Ross: I'm gonna say this as Monica's brother. Not as your friend.
Chandler: So now you're not my friend?
Ross: Not now.
Chandler: All right.
Ross: So I couldn't be happier cause you're marrying Monica. But if someday you ever hurt her, I will hunt you down and kick your ass.
Chandler: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ross: What, what? I'm just warning you. I'll hunt you down and kick your ass.
Chandler: Ok. So now you're my friend again?
Ross: Yes.
Chandler: You wouldn't believe what Monica's brother just told me...

The One with the Rumor (Season 8 Episode 9)

Chandler: I'm sorry. When you were in high school you made out with a fifty-year-old woman?
Ross: She didn't look fifty!
Chandler: Did she look sixteen?
Rachel: There's a picture of her in the yearbook.
Phoebe: Wow.
Ross: Hey, she didn't photograph well!
Chandler: Yeah, well, she was probably unfamiliar with the process having spent most of her life sitting for oil paintings.

The One in Barbados: Part 2 (Season 9 Episode 24)

Monica: Everyone is leaving here with someone else but us!
Chandler: That's not true, I came here with Monica and I'm leaving with Weird Al.

The Last One: Part One (Season 10 Episode 17)

Chandler: [After finding out they are having twins] hatta we do?
Monica: What do you mean 'what do we do'?
Chandler: [frantically] Twins... Twins...
Monica: Chandler, you're panicking!
Chandler: Uh huh, join me, won't you? Okay what do you say we keep one and then just like have an option on the other one?
Monica: We can't split them up!
Chandler: Why not? We could give each of them half a medallion, and then years later they'll find each other... and be reunited. I mean that's a great day for everybody.