Namit Das
Namit DasShared with IBTimes India

Namit Das has carved out his own niche in acting by performing on all the three stages - theatre, films and TV. He is now seen playing the role of a station master of a station with no trains Station Master Phool Kumar the first film to release amongst the 6 film anthology by Addict films.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India, Namit spoke about his role, influx of streaming platforms, his regrets and upcoming projects.

Tell us how did you conceptualise the character of a lone station master.

I think Ambar Chakravarty, writer and director for Station Master conceptualised it for me. When Ambar narrated it to me, he said, "You were my primary actor for this part the moment this idea was born". I am really thankful to him & his team that they thought about me for this short film.

Also, to all the viewers I would like to say that the film is out now on the Gorilla Shorts YouTube channel. Go watch it and find out more about this lonely yet adorable Statio Master.

Was it difficult or easy to portray such character on screen.

Every character has its own challenges. Nothing is difficult or easy. Everything that comes across as difficult can be seen as a challenge which can then become your asset along the way.

I think the primary challenges of such a character like Station Master Phool Kumar was portraying the loneliness. I had only myself throughout the shoot & that does tend to become tedious. You feel you are running a lone marathon with yourself. Nothing comes, nothing goes.. only you stay & that's the only thing that you have to work from. That is the difficult/ challenging parts with such characters.

Indian film Industry has now started investing on web. But are not able to break the market due to average content. Is working for digital profitable enough for you as an actor.

Namit Das
Namit DasShared with IBTimes India

I really feel that this question is loaded with judgement. Nevertheless I don't think I look for profit when I am thinking of doing a project. It's always qualitative never quantitative for me. I have gained a lot working with Ambar. I have had so much fun. I am in love with the song sung by Papon for our short film. People are calling me regarding Station Master every sec. These are the "Profits" that I have earned out of these. I have gained relationships after doing such a project with Gorilla Shorts.

Do you feel the influx of streaming platforms is compromising on quality over quantity.

Not at all. In some cases where platforms have been forcing makers to deliver in a constrained time frame, quality has been sacrificed. But most people are focussing on quality. The best get the best eyeballs!

The short takes us through a journey of station master. Tell us about your journey in the industry and the struggle that you went through.

It's been 17 years that I have been in the industry. Ups & downs have been part of my life for such a longtime that I feel that I have reached zen state of mind. The highs don't get me too high and the lows don't get me too low. I take it as it comes. And as Buddha said,"Enjoy what is there to enjoy & be sad about what you have to be sad about." The journey of life takes you where it has to take you. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Was there any unfortunate incident that happened with you in the industry and you still dread from it.

Not really. It hasn't been a bed of roses but I also know I have never seen the difficulties as difficulties. They have been more like challenges for me.

You have a nice voice. Have you ever thought of turning into a musician.

I am musician. I have a band that which has performed in almost all indie music festivals. I keep putting up posts of me singing on the piano through my insta posts. I am learning the piano. I am also part of "Monsoon wedding the musical" which has been running for over 4 years now in different parts of the world. Music is me. It runs through me like blood.

Are you an emotional person or calculative while taking decisions in life.

Namit Das
Namit DasShared with IBTimes India

I am emotional kind of who tries to be calculative.

What's the thing you regret the most be it in personal or professional life.

I have no regrets about life. Everything that happens on your life happens for your best. It's all a learning curve. And if you aren't able to see that then you are creating a difficult life for yourself.

Lastly, tell us about your upcoming projects

I am really excited about, "A suitable boy" a Mira Nair project for BBC one this year. "Bahut hua samaan" is a film that will be releasing soon. It has me with Nidhisin and a ensemble to die for, Sanjay Mishra, Raghav juyal , Ram kapoor & others. A web show called "Mafia" comes out on ZEE5 directed by Birsadasgupta. I play a very different character in that. It's a psychological thriller. Enough on the plate I guess!