Information on Upcoming Apple Products Surface
Information on Upcoming Apple Products SurfaceReuters

KGI Securities has revealed some information on the upcoming Apple products, which include an iPad with higher-resolution, an iMac for budget customers and a new MacBook.

iPad 6 High-Resolution

While iPad 5 is expected to be released in November, the information on its next iteration iPad 6 has already surfaced, thanks to Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities analyst. Kuo anticipates the 9.7in device to carry a pixel density of 30-40 percent more than what exists in the current devices, reports MacRumours and other Apple blogs to Cnet.

Kuo also speculates the next iPad to arrive by mid-2014 and will continue to feature a 9.7-in screen. "Contrary to speculation that next year's iPad may come in a 12-inch form, or larger, we think it will not change from the current 9.7-inch format as we think a 12-inch iPad would not provide a good mobility experience given today's technology limitations," he stated.

Kuo also predicts the announcement of Apple iPad Retina later in October at the Apple event. Few analysts have predicted that besides the announcement of iPad Retina, the device's supply would be in limited numbers this year.

Low-Cost iMac

Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned the cheaper iMac model which may also be in Apple's plans. "Our surveys indicate that Apple's last iMac model... shipped fewer-than-expected units in the worldwide market. We think the price was set too high," states Kuo. "We thus think Apple may offer a budget iMac model to push shipments among non-US markets in the face of solid competition from Lenovo (CN), HP (US) and other rivals."

12-in MacBook

Kou has also hinted about the new 12-in MacBook which seems to be the new version of MacBook Air, according to NPD DisplaySearch. The gadget is expected to be thinner and lighter than the existing MacBook Air. "The high-resolution display will also offer the outstanding visual experience of the Retina MacBook Pro," he stated.