indigo airlines

Indian carrier IndiGo Airlines is often appreciated for it services and timeliness. However, the carrier has of late been in the eye of the storm with numerous passengers complaining about its staff and their high-handed behaviour. In yet another shocking incident, the ground staff of the carrier is said to have manhandled and assaulted a passenger at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, New Delhi.

The passenger, who has been identified as 59-year-old Rajeev Katyal, got into an argument with a ground personnel after he deplaned from a flight and was waiting for the bus. He was then abused and manhandled, and the airlines' ground staff then dragged him on the tarmac. 

"I was standing under the shade of the aeroplane waiting for the bus when a person from the ground staff yelled at me and asked me to move away," Deccan Chronicle quoted the passenger as saying. The IndiGo staff is then said to have gotten annoyed and retorted: "Don't teach us our job."

Another IndiGo employee Montu Kalra is said to have tried intervening, but to no avail, after which he shot a video of the incident.

While the incident took place on October 15, the news made headlines after the video, shot by Kalra went viral on November 7. Strangely, after watching Kalra's video, the airlines, instead of taking action against those involved, sacked Kalra.

The ground staff can be heard talking about the man in the video. "Isko rok yahan par, isko yahin sikhaate hai (Stop this man here, let us teach him a lesson)," the staff member says.

However, no police complaint was filed on the issue and the airport police have said that the matter was later sorted. "On October 15, a PCR call was received regarding quarrel at the IGI police station. There was altercation between Katiyal and the airlines ground staff, Jubi Thomas, due to misunderstanding. The matter has been settled," DC quoted Deputy Commissioner of Police of the IGI police station.

Meanwhile, IndiGo airlines too has released a statement, now that the video has gone viral, and said that they are aware of the incident and have apologised to the passenger.

Now, the Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju has asked for an explanation on the matter from both the parties. Additionally, spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain too slammed the carrier for its "arrogant behaviour."

Just a few days ago, Indian badminton ace PV Sindhu had lashed out at IndiGo Airlines and spoken about the ground staff's rude behaviour not just with her but with an air hostess as well. 

"Ground staff (skipper) Mr Ajeetesh behaved very badly and rudely with me. When the air hostess Ms Ashima tried to advise him to behave properly with the passenger (me) but to my surprise he behaved rudely with her," Sindhu wrote on Twitter.  "If this type of people work for a reputed airline like Indigo they will spoil their reputation."