The hibernator served at Bear Grill Cafe
The hibernator served at Bear Grill CafeFacebook/ Bear Grill

Consisting of eight rashers of bacons, eight sausages, four black puddings, four hash browns, four potato waffles, four eggs, four egg cheese omelettes, a large portion of chips, two ladles of beans, two ladles of mushrooms, two ladles of tomatoes, four bread toasts, four fried breads and a 32-ounce strawberry milkshake topped with a huge dollop of whipped cream, the hibernator is most definitely the heaviest breakfast in the world, if not the unhealthiest one.

Weighing at seven pounds, the £19.95- breakfast served at the Brear Grills Cafe in Congleton, Manchester, has about 8,000 calories -- four times the daily recommended intake. The hibernator is so unhealthy, anyone who decides to eat it, is required to sign a disclaimer which says he or she is aware of the very high calorie and fat content in it.

The hibernator is part of the "Man vs Bear Eating Challenge", according to which, whoever finished the massive breakfast is entitled to £100, a pot on the "wall of fame" and a Man vs Bear t-shirt. 

The hibernator served at Bear Grill Cafe
Two customers try to finish the hibernator served at Bear Grill CafeFacebook/ Bear Grill

Owner of the British cafe and the evil genius behind the hibernator, Mark Winder told the Daily Mail, "Younger guys come in, and it is all men who have tried the challenge, and they look at the ingredients up on the board and say: 'I am going to smash that.' But then they see it come out on the big platter all heaped high and start to cry on the phone to their friends. They give up after about twenty minutes."

"We weighed all the cooked food and it came to a whopping seven pounds...That's the weight of a baby. It's called The Hibernator because if anyone completes it they'll have to sleep for a year," says Winder.

Winder reveals he came up with the hibernator to get some young crowd into Bear Grill. 'Most of my customers are in the 60s and 70s and the reason I came up with the Hibernator was to inject some youth into the place and I think it has."

It most definitely has, and the hibernator, named in honour of the Congleton Bear, is a much-craved meal among youngsters, even more so now, thanks to the internet.

L.A. Beast posted on Twitter, "I want to do this right now. I just need a plane ticket to the UK."

An optimistic Chris Mari says, "I think I could probably do it...", while Melik Sheen Metcalfe posted, "Anyone who knows me, knows I could easily wreck this. Who will come to Manchester with me?"

While Phil Cason is all for attempting the hibernator challenge, he would prefer to do it in his own country: "Open this restaurant in Canada and my self or one of my boys will complete it!"

Winder is still on the look-out for that one person who would win this Man vs Bear challenge for all of humanity.

The following video shows a customer Ryan Chell attempting to win the complete the hibernator challenge. While his appetite is impressive, earning him a spot on the "Wall of shame", man is still at '0' and bear is winning.