Apple has updated Siri to respond differently to the phrase "all lives matter," which has become a common retort to "Black Lives Matter" in the US and elsewhere.

Apple's AI assistant Siri now answers inquiries like "Do black lives matter?" with a simple "Yes" and directs users to the movement's website.

Siri also offers a strong response to the common counter "Do all lives matter?" When asked the latter question, Siri says: "'All lives matter' is often used in response to the phrase 'Black Lives Matter,' but it does not represent the same concerns."

Apple Siri

Siri then directs users to the Black Lives Matter website.

Apple has also updated its Washington, DC satellite imagery on Apple Maps to show off the new Black Lives Matter street mural near the White House.

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a letter that talks about how Apple "must do more" to support the fight against racism in the country.

The letter, which was originally released internally to employees, now sits at the top of Apple's website.