As the former US President Barack Obama is leaving no stone unturned to seek votes for his former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the US Presidential Elections 2020. In a recent video that went viral, the ex-US President can be seen talking to a voter 'Alyssa' and her baby in the 2-minute conversation.

Through 'Phone Banking, which is quite a common practice for urging voters to cast their votes wisely. During a conversation, he called a voter named 'Alyssa' who was extremely surprised with this 'unexpected' call while joking about having a "panic attack."

Barack Obama

Hey, Jacks. What's going on, man?: Obama to an 8-month-old baby

While Obama was asking Alyssa to vote for Biden, the call was being interrupted by her 8 month-old baby. To which he asked Alyssa to handover the call to her son. Obama then asked, "Hey Jacks. What's going on, man?" Alyssa then asks her baby to say 'hi'

Obama also asked Alyssa to remind her family and friends to cast their votes for Joe Biden. To which she replied, "I can't wait (to vote)," and would love to cast vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Obama also said that he understands how is it for a new mother with a toddler and said he didn't want to keep her waiting. He exchanged pleasantries before ending the call.

Obama took to Twitter with this message for the voters along with the sweet video, "You could be the difference between someone making it out to the polls or staying home. And many states could be decided by a handful of votes. Join me and make some calls for Joe in the last few days of this election."