The sequel to hit NBC series "Heroes", which was pulled off air after season 4, will be back from 24 September.

But instead of picking from where things were left after the series finale, "Heroes Reborn" will on real-time; meaning, it will take a five-year leap and start off with the events that could occur in season 10 of the series.

Tim Kring, who was the show-runner for "Heroes" and is now reprising the role in its sequel, announced via Slash Flim: "…one of the things that we talked about at the very beginning in the writers room was how we wanted every single bit of the mythology to feel as though there was a continuum from the show, and the show picks up five years later. So, ergo, it would be five seasons later and this would be season 10. That was the thinking."

Had "Heroes" continued airing episodes through 2006 to 2010, what would season 10 have looked like? The answer to the question is what can be expected from "Heroes Reborn". It would also serve the purpose of engaging new fans with the franchise, instead of existing fans. 

"The idea is that for the loyal viewer of the original series, we want to honour them and they are rewarded for having been loyal fans of the show by seeing all kinds of things inside the show that other people may not see. There are tons of Easter eggs, but it was really important to me and to the network. It was never an argument. It just seemed like the obvious thing. We need to be able to say if you weren't a viewer of the show originally, you needed to have an on-ramp," explains Tim Kring.

The time leap also implies many beloved characters from the parent show, most importantly, Hayden Panettiere's character Claire, are now dead.

According to Kring, Claire, along with many others, died a year before 13 June, when the new show started. "The June 13 date has all kinds of mystery attached to it. By having to go back to discover what happened or follow the trail of what happened, we unpack a lot of what happened in the intervening years, in a thriller-esque kind of way."

According to legends, Claire, who was the centre of "Heroes", had regenerative powers, which guaranteed him immortality. So, how was she killed? Her death would be the driving force of the upcoming series. So, it is highly likely that she will return in flashbacks, enacting the scenes that led to her death, allowing her father Noah (Micah Sanders) and others to solve the mystery of 13 June. 

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