Kat Graham
Kat GrahamReuters

Kat Graham will not be a part of "The Vampire Diaries" if it continues beyond Season 8.

"Season 8 will be my last season," Graham, who has been playing Bonnie Bennett since the vampire drama premiered in 2009, told Us Weekly. "The Vampire Diaries" was recently renewed for yet another season and according to Graham, the next season, which could very well be its last, will be a significant one. "Another season is a whole other year," she said, "and we're going to blow it out."

It would make sense for the CW show to end after Season 8 as Graham would be the second lead, after Nina Dobrev, to quit the show. Dobrev quit the show after Season 6 to pursue other projects. She is currently busy filming "xXx: The Return of Xander Cage."

As for Graham, she hasn't announced what she'd do after leaving "The Vampire Diaries," but the actress revealed that she would miss the crew. "I just hope that whatever I do after, the crew can come with me. … The crew is going to be the hardest thing to let go, because we are a family," she told Us Weekly.

It is not immediately known what the writers have in store for Graham's Bonnie if the show goes beyond Season 8. But a death could be the last thing, as Bonnie's death will result in Dobrev's Elena waking up from her magic induced sleep. As Dobrev isn't too keen to return to the show full-time, fans can safely assume that Bonnie will not meet an unfortunate end in Season 8.

As for the rest of Season 7, Graham's character has some important scenes coming up. "There's some really intense stuff with my character this season," Graham said. "I think the biggest episodes I've ever had are 20 [airing April 29] and 21 [airing May 6]. It's pretty major for the character — huge turns, a lot of stunts and cool s**t!"

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Fridays on the CW. Besides Graham, the show stars Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in lead roles.