"The Vampire Diaries" is losing its Thursday slot to "Legends of Tomorrow," CW announced on 23 November.

From 29 January, the vampire drama will be airing on Fridays, and some believe the show's less-than-impressive ratings would drop further, forcing the network to cancel the show after the current season.

According to reports, the series suffered a blow when Nina Dobrev decided to leave after season 6.The show that was averaging 1.5 million viewers last year is only bringing in an average of 1.2 million these days. This is a huge drop from the first season when the show had 3.6 million fans watching the vampire drama.

Therefore, it won't be surprising it season 7 turns out to be the last. Also, a section of the fans believe moving the show to the Friday slot was a sure sign that the show was about to get the boot.

"Everyone knows networks send their dying shows to Friday. BYE BYE TVD&TO," one fan wrote on Twitter. "After seven years @ 8 PM on Thursdays TVD finally got the Friday boot, @ninadobrev's impact is too real!!!!" another fan added.

"RIP The Vampire Diaries. You single handedly built the CW but your Friday night death slot is proof your time has come to an end," yet another fan said. 

The new season of "The Vampire Diaries" attempted to retain viewers' interest by introducing a new storyline that featured Damon and Stefan's strained relationship with their mother Lily Salvatore and her adopted family, the Heretic.

In one of the previous episodes, viewers were dealt with the shocking news that Alaric's unborn twins, who were assumed dead when Kai killed his sister Jo, has been transferred to Caroline's womb by the Gemini coven. Also, the show has been dabbling with a romantic track involving Enzo and Bonnie.

But it looks like these interesting plot twists haven't pleased fans.

"The Vampire Diaries" is currently aired Thursdays on the CW.