Rita Ora

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte are currently engaged in a bitter divorce and details about their sex life have been splashed all over the internet, with multiple people claiming that they were targeted by the duo to take part in a threesome.

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One such celebrity who caught Mel B and Belafonte's fancy was Rita Ora, reported The Sun. "Rita was one of Mel and Stephen's 'targets'. When they asked her back to theirs, she was surprised," a source told the publication.

"She was there purely for work reasons, anything else was out of the question. So, she made her excuses politely and went home. She told friends she knocked them back and had tried her best to avoid being in their company from then onwards," the source added.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

This shocking news comes shortly after socialite Lady Victoria Hervey confessed that she had a threesome with the Spice Girls singer and her husband in 2007.

The trio got together following an alcohol-filled evening toasting Mel B's success on Dancing With The Stars.

"It was all a blur and everyone was very drunk, especially Lady Victoria," a friend of the socialite revealed to The Sun. "She told me one minute they were laying in bed watching a movie together, then they got carried away and Stephen was on top of her and Mel was kissing her. Next thing she can remember, they all woke up naked in bed in the morning."

"She couldn't believe things had gotten so out of control and was mortified."