Be it comedy, negative or character roles, actor Jayasurya has proved to be one of the best versatile stars in Malayalam. The actor, currently basking in the success of the film "School Bus," has shocked fans with a complete make-over for his upcoming movie "Pretham."

Jayasurya sports a tonsured look in the upcoming Ranjith Sankar movie, in which the actor plays a mystery man named John Don Bosco. "Taking your hair off for a movie would indirectly mean the actor not being able to act in another movie for some good time. And as usual when we arrived on this look he happily agreed!! Am myself looking forward to the 'മൊട്ട' John Don Bosco:) [sic]," director Ranjith posted on his Facebook page.

The video of his make-over has been posted on the Facebook page of Jayasurya, and the fans of the actor have been flooding cyberspace with messages regarding his dedication in acting. "The dedication which you show to the characters you play in each movie is awesome jayetta [sic]," says one social media user. "Jayan chetta, only you have the guts to take up any looks like this. You are really a blessed actor [sic]," says another fan of the actor.

In "Pretham," Jayasurya's character John is said to have spent his childhood days in a Don Bosco orphanage and carried the name of the institution as his surname as he did not have one. The movie's director has promised that John will be witty, cool and romantic. "Sherlock Holmes was Johns hero from childhood. His little mind wandered to explore the unknown lying around us all around. His first experiments started in his college library. Life got him traveling far and wide until he met IT !! [sic]" Ranjith had earlier revealed on his Facebook page.

The upcoming horror movie also has Aju Varghese as a middle-class man named Priyalal, Govind Padmasoorya as globetrotter Shibu Majeed and Joju George as Denny Kokken, who belongs to a rich family. 

"Pretham" is one of the most anticipated flicks in Malayalam as it marks the reunion of Ranjith and Jayasurya after the superhit projects "Punyalan Agarbattis" and "Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam." The movie is being produced by the director-actor duo under the banner of Dreams N Beyons and is poised to hit screens on Aug. 12.

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