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If you thought the new "Ghostbusters" is all about evoking nostalgia and depicting a crazy scientist on screen, then some would definitely disagree.

The film, starring Chris Hemsworth spurred a fetish of a different kind when it released on Friday, July 15. Those who are obsessed with ghost porn, searched for it days prior to the film's release. So much so that a new study on Porn hub observed that the search rate for ghost sex went up by 178%.

Scientists have a logical explanation for this and have even called it Spectrophilia, defined as sexual attraction to ghosts. Spectrophiliacs often imagine themselves in these scenarios and have even inspired several TV shows such as Travel Channel's "Ghostly Lovers," not to mention the classic Hollywood film, "Ghost."

According to the study Porn hub carried out, people's searches were varied. Some users searched for clips such as "ghost rider," "anime ghost," "ghost busters" and more. The most popular search terms simply included "ghost" and "ghost girl."

This isn't it. The porn site's study also found that  women searched for ghost clips much more than men. According to the findings, women's search rate was 12% higher than men. But these searches were mostly carried out by those who are die-hard fans of horror films.

Its not just fans of horror movies that increased the search for ghost sex, fans of different genres such as romance, sci-fi, action and adventure also had an active role to play.