Even though Nina Dobrev has quit "The Vampire Diaries", the previous season ended in such a way so as to allow Dobrev to reprise her role as Elena Gilbert if ever she wanted to return to the CW drama.

Season 6 ended with a sleeping spell being cast on Elena and her life being linked to Bonnie's in such a way that Elena will wake up only after Bonnie dies. This has sparked speculation that Dobrev's Elena would be brought back to life before the series goes off air.

Rumours of Dobrev's return further gained momentum when CW executives as well as the cast of the vampire drama teased that Dobrev could be back.

"She's still there, dude. She's in a casket. She's having a nap," Somerhalder explained to MTV during Comic-Con.

Candice Accola, too, hinted at her return, saying: "I think that's what's fun about this series. You never know when characters are going to leave, you never know when they're going to come back. That's been a constant for six seasons, now. So the fact that, for such a big departure, that it is left open-ended, is really true to the show."

Sadly, Dobrev isn't happy that her former colleagues are expecting her to return to the show. According to a new Celeb Dirty Laundry report, "Dobrev likely took the tease as a slap in the face, as it insinuates Nina would eventually come crawling back to the show because she can't score any other roles."

The report also noted that Dobrev is using her "celebrity friends to promote herself for movie roles" as she doesn't want to return to "The Vampire Diaries" and get involved in the Somerhalder-Nikki Reed romance drama.

As fans of "The Vampire Diaries" know, Reed's relationship with Somerhalder is said to be one reason why Dobrev left the show after its sixth season.

However, in an interview post her exit, Dobrev, who is currently dating actor Austin Stowell, said her decision has nothing to do with Somerhalder or his "Twilight" alum wife Reed.