Akkineni Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on Saturday
Akkineni Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on SaturdayScreenshot of hotstar video

Bigg Boss contestants have successfully completed three weeks in the house and are all set to enter the fourth week and face eliminations. Rahul Siplingunj, Punarnavi Bhupalam, Vithika Sheru, Tamanna Simhadri and Baba Master have been nominated for eliminations this week.

Well, in the episode that was aired on Saturday, contestants were scolded and warned by the host, Nagarjuna, for various which that happened in the house over the week. Here's why the actor spoke to five of the contestants in a sarcastic and serious way.


Nagarjuna began the episode by striking a conversation with Ali and raising the issue between him and Himaja. The host said the way Ali spoke to Himaja is not the right way to speak to a woman and that he has dressing sense but no common sense. 'Kaan ke neeche kya dethe re? Bol," Nag asked Ali. He appreciated Tamanna for standing by Himaja's side.

Tamanna Simhadri

Nagarjuna said he never expected that an activist and sensible woman like Tamanna would behave the way she did with Ravi. He told her to never to repeat such behaviour in the house.

Tamanna Simhadri

Rahul Siplingunj

Nagarjuna warned Rahul and asked him to keep his words in control. The singer, during Sreemukhi and Ravi's fight, called Sreemukhi 'falthu'. Even the audience couldn't digest this. Rahul went too personal and Nagarjuna did not like that. So he asked Rahul to apologise to Sreemukhi.

Vithika Sheru

Even after Ravi got hurt and his hand was bleeding, Vithika, unlike others, was bothered about the money. She took all the jewellery and money and went to hide it under her bed. So Nagarjuna, in a sarcastic way, hit it hard at Vithika by saying that all her care and affection towards contestants was only after doing what she wants.

Vithika Sheru
Vithika SheruTwitter/StarMaa

Punarnavi Bhupalam

Nagarjuna openly said that Punarnavi is very selfish and being selfish and jealous is definitely not good. He asked her to play the game a little better by thinking properly.