Paris Jackson
Paris JacksonReuters

Michael Jackson's only daughter Paris and her boyfriend Michael Snoddy recently visited the iconic Neverland Ranch, where she and her siblings lived with their father as children, and it was truly an emotional visit.

Paris posted on her instagram a photo of her visit to Neverland Ranch where she said it was good to be home once again, even though it was for such a short visit. But it looks like this won't be her last visit to the place which she once called home, as she is thinking of buying up Neverland Ranch all to herself, according to a Radar Online report.

Also, one of the reasons why she took Snoddy to Neverland Ranch is because she wanted to show him the place she shared with her father.

"Paris wanted to take Michael there because it is a huge part of her heart and she wants to marry him one day," a source told Radar Online. "If her dad were still alive, he would want Paris to show the man she loves her first home," the Jackson family source added.

Paris and Snoddy has been dating for more than six months and it looks like she is eager to settle down with him. "Paris told Katherine and Joe that she is going to get engaged to Michael and that she cannot wait to marry him," another source close to the family told Radar Online.

However, the Jacksons are said to be not too thrilled. "The Jacksons are skeptical of Michael," said the source. "They think that he was the influence that caused her to get all those tattoos! The family really had high hopes for Paris and thought that she was going to be the next prodigy."