Shakti Arora, Radhika Madan
Shakti Arora, Radhika MadanRadhika Madan/ Twitter

Television actors Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan made an excellent on-screen pair, and their portrayals of Ranveer and Ishani, respectively, in "Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" earned them a pack of loyal fans. However, they won't work together anytime soon.

Talking to BollywoodLife, Shakti said the viewers need a break from them, which is why they aren't coming together again anytime soon. However, he didn't completely rule out the possibility of working with Radhika.

"However, we could come back when people really start missing us, maybe after a couple of years or a year and a half. It should be with a fresh story, new look and novel concept. I will, of course, say yes to working with her. I know what bond we share!" the web portal quoted him as saying.

Sure they are looking forward to a new beginning, but "MATSH" was their baby. It was as a turning point in both their careers. "After I got the news, I was extremely disheartened. I feel hollow from inside. The show was our baby — Shakti and mine, we took care of it. I don't know how to react," Radhika said of her reaction on hearing the show would go off air.

They also spoke of the bright moments from the sets where they had no confidence in themselves and yet pulled off scenes effortlessly. For Arora, it was the suicide scene in which he stood on the rails of a bridge with no harness or cable support whatsoever. He didn't know he could do the scene until his director pumped him up. Madan said it was a scene where she had to weep and the entire crew went silent, after which the director walked up to her, hugged her and praised her performance.

The final episode of the show will go on air on Feb. 19, Friday.