Consumer Reports has published its final iPhone X testing results and has given the Apple flagship smartphone a recommendation but ranked it below iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Consumer Reports made this ranking on the basis of battery life and durability testing which may not apply to real-world usage. The iPhone X has succeeded in taking a spot on the Consumer Reports list of top 10 smartphones. It locked the ninth position on the list but the site says it failed to beat iPhone 8 or iPhone 8Plus.

According to the report, both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have survived better in the tumbler test. Tumbler is a rotating chamber that repeatedly drops a phone from a height of about 2.5 feet to test the damage made by the drops. The phones are checked for damage after 50 drops and then again after 100.

Apple iPhone X
A man holds two boxes for the Apple's new iPhone X at the Apple Store in Regents Street in London, Britain, November 3, 2017.REUTERS/Peter Nicholls/File Photo

Consumer Reports says, "We tumbled three samples of the iPhone X. The first was fine after 50 drops, but the glass on the back was significantly cracked after 100. The other two phones ended up with malfunctioning displays after 50 drops. Though the front glass didn't crack, several bright green bars stretched across the screens from top to bottom."

One out of three iPhone X model suffered serious body damage, while the other two have display issues. The front display of iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus performed outstanding and iPhone X did well on scratch test and water resistance tests.

In its report, Consumer Reports made some complaints about the iPhone X battery life and says that it does not last as long as the battery in Samsung phones like Galaxy S8. The iPhone X lasted only for 19.5 hours in the battery test on the other side Samsung S8 lasted for 26 hours and the iPhone 8Plus lasted for 21 hours.

Although the iPhone X didn't stand the durability and battery test, it beat all the smartphones' cameras and earned the highest camera score out of all the smartphones tested by Consumer Reports. They also listed the OLED display and the Face ID system as the strength of the iPhone X.

However, Consumer Reports continued to rank Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ as its top two recommended smartphones, mainly due to superior battery life, and iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 in the third and fourth spot, respectively.