Hrithik Roshan is gearing up for "Mohenjo Daro", which is set to be released this 12 August, and it has been predicted that the flick will receive fantastic box office response.

The Asian Age has, with the help of a solar chart based on his birth date and place, managed to foresee how 2016 is looking for him.

On the career front, he has rewards and accolades waiting for him on the other side of 11 August. Anything that happens before or on the date mentioned above may not prove to be fruitful for the actor. It is being predicted that until September 2017, the suave star will receive offers that would mostly be performance-oriented.

Also, the planet positioning is such that he will face problems trying to give his best. 'Creative dissatisfaction' and 'inhibitions' will give him a hard time, but the knots will loosen with time.

In the matters of heart, the condition isn't going to get any better, at least not until January 2017. Roshan may start a new life, a 'second innings' of sorts, with someone who doesn't belong to the entertainment industry.

Interestingly, Roshan had an interesting response to the questions he was asked on finding new love. "I am so full of love that it's not possible I won't find love. At the same time, I don't need another person to feel the feeling of love. I feel it all the time. But if you are asking about someone who I can share my joy and travels with, then yes, I may come across one. Or ten (smiles). Who knows?" The Times of India quoted the star as saying.

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, the period-drama in question also features newcomer Pooja Hegde alongside Roshan. The film has recently grabbed headlines for its gator fight scene.