If you are an independent developer and looking ahead to mod the living daylights out of the upcoming Doom, brace yourselves for some really bad news. Doom won't support modding tools for developers beyond the previously mentioned SnapMap, according to reports.

In a recent livestream, Bethesda revealed that the PC version of Doom will not feature any more modding tools beyond SnapMap. If you think this only involves the PC gamers, note that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game won't fare any better. 

This may not seem that big a news to follow up, but developers who know a thing or two about modding will also be aware of the limitations of the SnapMap tool. With only the SnapMap around, forget creating large indoor or outdoor spaces that were previously expected.

However, it seems, Bethesda is aware of the general discontentment among fans following the news, and in its defence, has claimed the SnapMap feature is meant to be accessible by all.

"The base Snapmap doesn't but I actually want to make this point. Snapmap is our approach to making everybody have the ability to mod 'in some fashion' it doesn't in our mind replace our desire to make our tools and technology available like we always have to real programmers," said Marty Stratton of Bethesda, posted on a Reddit thread

"Now I will say, if you've done that, if you've been a modmaker I highly encourage you to try Snapmap too because just the functionality in there is really cool. My favorite part about Snapmap is that everybody has all the data so is you've been a modmaker or somebody who makes levels or texture packs to have somebody play your stuff requires you to upload it and to download it and things like Steam Workshop have made that easier but with Snapmap literally everyone has everything and the only data that passes between clients is a little instruction file.

"The depth of the stuff you can make is going to blow you away. We had a guy in QA that made a piano. So I highly encourage everyone to try Snapmap but fear not, making our stuff available to you is near and dear to our hearts so it certainly isn't a replacement," Stratton added.

What are your views on the lesser mod tools for the new Doom, aside the SnapMap feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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[Source: Gameranx]