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The twitterati may say whatever they wish to but "Celebrity MasterChef" star Donna Air doesn't necessarily agree with them. The British model has moved on from an accent she developed in her childhood and so should the rest of the world. And this is what James Middleton's girlfriend wants the world to know.

In a recent piece on Daily Mail, Air wrote that dating the Duchess of Cambridge's brother hasn't made her posh or impelled her to take elocution lessons. In her words, her job as a TV presenter and as an actress requires her to communicate well. But more importantly, she stated that she's been living in London longer than she did in her hometown, Wallsend in Newcastle upon Tyne.

In her rather sarcastic letter, Air highlighted the cultural stereotypes that surround Geordies and in words that expressed her disappointment and amusement, she said that Northerners don't subscribe to the ready-made ideas that exist about them.

"And yet, as a sea-faring city endlessly looking out towards Europe and the wider world, Geordies do get everywhere and yes, make themselves understood without a phrase book. I'm simply one of them," she added.

Earlier, Air's recent appearance on BBC1's "Celebrity MasterChef" evoked many responses from those on Twitter who said the actress had "poshed up" and must have ditched her Geordie accent after she started dating Kate's brother, James.

Her article in Daily Mail inspired people to identify themselves with the Newcastle upon Tyne native. Many women tweeted about their accents and acknowledged what Air had to say with a certain amount of pride.