After the upcoming Crackdown 3's demonstration at Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 press event, fans have been asking a number of questions about it, with the most-frequent one being whether the destruction mechanics will be limited to the game's multiplayer. Sadly, the answer is a somewhat 'Yes'.

Recently, Dave Jones, Crackdown 3 creative director and Reagent Games founder, discussed why the single player won't have cloud based destruction.

According to him, since players will be the hero in the campaign, it does not make sense to make the city completely destructible. After all, heroes save, not destroy. 

"So we haven't discussed much about the multiplayer side. We will be bringing some of the things from the campaign. Crackdown has always been about going into this city as a top down agent and you have your character progression so that is a big thing about the main campaign which we will probably bring into the multiplayer and it's all about taking down your enemies, finding them out and figuring out the best way to take them out so we have some great characters in it," Jones said in an interview with Twitch.

"We thought what elements can we bring across where you are going to have loads of players in a fully destructible world which will make sense in the story. One of the things that we want to do is that we don't want to destroy the city in the campaign, you are going to be the good guy in the campaign, you will be saving the city so we came up with a whole new way to take Crackdown to this multiplayer experience," he added.

As of now, Crackdown 3's multiplayer is set to be released on Xbox One in Summer 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Gamingbolt]