G Dragon
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G-Dragon remains one of the biggest stars of Kpop, blessed with the ability to enthral huge crowds at concerts, celebrate flamboyance on stage and create something of a fashion trend. In Korea, G-Dragon's taste for good fashion is unparalleled. So it was no surprise that the BIGBANG member sat in the front seat of Chanel's show at the Grand Palais during Paris Fashion Week.

Dressed in a naval suit and a trapper hat, 27-year-old GD outshone Karl Lagerfield's favourites: Diane Kruger, Cara Delevingneand her puppy and Clémence Poésy. His pictures with the creative director of Chanel went viral. Allkpop reported GD was the most-tagged celebrity on Twitter and Instagram posts. 

This is not the first time Karl Lagerfield has extended an invitation to GD. The rapper was first seen at the Pre-Fall 2014 Chanel collection. This was followed by the brand's 2015 Spring collection and later, at the 2015 Fall Collection in Paris. Since his recent appearance, however, international media outlets have commented on his style. 

Vogue observed, "The chameleonic Kpop star cut a dramatic figure against the bucolic backdrop in an enormous fur ushanka that even outdid a dog-carrying Cara Delevingne — and demonstrated once again his uncanny knack for larger-than-life style that remains wearably cool."

On his part, GD doesn't harbour the desire to become a fashion designer any time soon. He said he would create clothes only if he was doing something that's vastly different, a style that would create a "sub-culture" for his generation.

Although his various visits to Paris have mostly involved shopping, the "Heartbreaker" singer revealed his itinerary included visits to art galleries. The New York Times quoted him as saying: "I now know that inspirations must come from everywhere."