Karan Malik
Karan Malik

Karan Malik, a 22-year old model, men's fashion blogger and a lead computer engineer is going to places at a very young age. He has been actively involved in the fashion industry since the age of 16 and later he tried his hand in acting and modelling. He was born in Meerut, India and was brought up in a strict Army household with his dad serving in Indian Armed Forces and his mom being a teacher. However, at the age of 12, he moved to the USA and grew up in Gainesville, Virginia until his work took him on a global journey to fulfil his dreams.

He hails from an impressive education background. He has completed Bachelors of Science in Information systems with a concertation in programming. Later, he pursued Masters of Science in applied information & technology with a concentration in Big Data under record-setting time with summa cum laude honors from Strayer University, Washington DC and George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Currently, Karan is currently pursuing a PhD in applied information technology from Harvard University and simultaneously working as a Lead Scrum Master II, a senior-level position in the finance/Mortgage industry.

Despite such great educational qualifications, he always had an inclination towards fashion industry. Hailing from a small town of Meerut and moving to the USA at the age of 12 was a turning point of his life. Getting accustomed to the new culture was not that easy for him. Focusing on grooming himself, Karan discovered a new zeal when he turned 16. His first experience in fashion came from DC Fashion Week where he was cast for the Spring/Summer season. Surprisingly, his modelling and personality left everyone speechless and he became the talk of the town with designers and companies wanting to collaborate with the blogger. This opened the doors of social media and Karan Malik embarked on the journey of fashion where he tied up with multiple brand sponspoships and got featured in top magazines like Modern Luxury, Vogue Italia and GQ Britain.

Since then, there is no turning back for Karan Malik. His rising popularity saw him as a model for many fashion brands like Lacoste, Gap, Thomas Pink, Smock Me and Guess. Besides this he also walked the ramp at the New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week and has also appeared on many American TV networks like ABC News, Fox5 News, Fox45, WJLA Networks under Men's fashion segments. His biggest achievement was when he won the title to represent Asian American heritage across United States, Canada, India and beyond as 'Mr. India America'. Post winning the title, his popularity is touching the sky. With being telecasted on networks like Sony Entertainment Television and B4U Television, Karan is in talks for his Hollywood debut and it is believed that he might star in a Nickelodeon series.

He thanks his parents for sparking his interest in the fashion world. As a child, he practised walking on a runaway when he weighed almost 220 lbs. Growing up with being teased and mocked, Karan Malik did not give up and always drew fashion illustrations in his school books. Having no godfather, he made it huge in the fashion world. Moreover, the 22-year old guy considers fashion as his heart and engineering as his brain because that is what will keep him well versed with the real perspective in the frivolous world of glamour that can take any person on a roller-coaster ride. Apart from being a sensation in the fashion industry, Karan dreams to be a CEO when he turns 30. We must say that you have a long way to go, young boy !

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