Of late, "The Kapil Sharma Show" has been in news over the arrest of the show's scriptwriter Ram Abhishek Singh for his alleged involvement in a murder case. According to reports, in 2009, Singh, along with his father and uncle, had killed two people and injured three others over a property dispute in his native village in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

While Singh's association with the viewers' favourite comedy show raised quite a few eyebrows, Preeti Simoes, the creative director of "The Kapil Sharma Show," has denied reports of Singh being a part of the show. "We have a fixed team of writers and Abhishek isn't part of it. He was just a freelancer like many others who submit their scripts. We have hardly used his work. He isn't associated with the production house," she told the Times of India.

Singh was living with a changed identity as Rohit Singh at the time when he entered the TV industry. He had done several small roles in shows before turning a scriptwriter and also carried a cash reward of Rs. 30,000 on his head.

Meanwhile, "The Kapil Sharma Show" has been the number one show in the Television Rating Points (TRP) charts under the non-fictional category.

"The Kapil Sharma Show," which comprises of an ensemble team of Kapil, Kiku Sharda, Sunil Grover, Sumona Chakravarti, Ali Asgar, Upasana Singh and others, is considered to be a healthy, clean and fun entertainer for all to watch. Kapil with his comic timing and tongue-in-cheek humour has entertained not only the audience sitting at home, but even the celebrity guests on the sets.