Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Akshay Kumar
Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Akshay KumarVarinder Chawla

Kareena Kapoor Khan believes artistes these days are more interested in developing six-pack abs than acting. The "Ki and Ka" actress added bodybuilding suits Salman Khan as he essays tough roles onscreen.

She told Catch News that showbiz requires an actor to look good but that shouldn't be the only focus. The 34-year-old acknowledged that there are roles, which need stars to build a certain type of physique, but there isn't an "industry pressure" on them to stay ripped all the time.

"Of course some roles do demand such kind of body, and physical appearance is very important. Looking good is a part of our job, but that does not mean everyone should have a six pack abs," she added, saying Salman can sport a toned look considering he plays tough characters in films.

Kareena described Salman as a "genetically brilliant" star who kick-started the six pack abs trend in Bollywood. "He looks good with that kind of body and the roles that he does require the kind of physique he has maintained over the years, but I don't know why everyone these days wants to have six pack abs with the toned look," she told the web portal.

Akshay Kumar is another actor, Kareena believes, has remained fit all these years and looks good without the six pack abs. The "Rustom" star has never endorsed the idea of building six-pack abs and leads a healthy and disciplined life. "All that is shown onscreen might not be real either. I don't endorse these six-pack or eight-pack abs. I believe in the natural way of maintaining a good body," he had told the Times of India two years ago.

Kareena will next be seen in R Balki's "Ki and Ka" alongside Arjun Kapoor. The comedy-drama, which arrives in theatres April 1, also has Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan in guest appearances.