Kalyani Priyadarshan

Starlet Kalyani Priyadarshan who is popular for her cute looks is all set to entertain and impress the audience with the same yet beautiful looks once again. Her upcoming film Ranarangam, her third Telugu film is releasing on August 15, and she is hoping that this film will bring her a little more than the name and fame which Chitralahari fetched her.

Ranarangam has Sharwanand as the lead actor and Sudheer Varma as the director. The film is produced by Surya Devara Naga Vamsi under Sithara Entertainments. In this flick, Kalyani will be seen playing an innocent girl from a rural area, with whom the gangster falls in love. She sports the 90s look in the movie and looks beautiful. The Hello actress wears half saris, skirts and blouses for this film and is said to have enjoyed wearing half sari for the first time ever.

"My dad always wanted to see me in a half sari but due to some reason, it never happened. But when I told him what I was wearing, he was like, 'Wow! Finally!'. Even my mom was happy and personally, it is one of those outfits which I liked wearing the most. In Ranarangam, I play a role that is a contrast to what I have played in Hello and Chitralahari. It is definitely a special role for me," the actress said.

Kalyani Priyadarshan

Kalyani added that the whole film is all about Sharwanand and the transformation of a gangster's life. She said that as the 34-year-old actor plays a gangster and falls in love with her, the soft side of a thug will be unfolded. "They say that the weakness of a man is a woman. This film proves that. People are afraid of this gangster, and he forgets what he is when he sees the love of his life. Isn't this cute? And it has given a lot of scope for me to show variations in my role. I just loved being part of this gangster drama," said the starlet.

Asked about her upcoming projects in Telugu, Kalyani said she is going through some scripts and is in talks with a couple of directors. Once they are finalised, she will be making an official announcement.

For most of the actors who come from star families, their parents listen to the scripts and choose the scripts which they feel are the right for their children. But for Kalyani, it is exactly the opposite. "It is always I who chooses the scripts. Even when the filmmakers come forward to narrate the scripts, my parents just say 'no'. They leave everything for me to decide. Also, the best advice they have given me ever is to not to listen to anyone's advice," she added.