Fan groups solely dedicated to music artists, actors and many other luminaries are fierce. South Koreans take their Hallyu idols seriously and in keeping with this, EXO member Kai's dedicated fandom has announced legal action against those spreading gossip about the singer.

In a recent post on Kai Fan Union's official website, the administrators informed members that they have met legal representatives in order to press defamation charges against those spreading rumours.

It appears that the fan group is still in the process of collecting evidence, however, their post pleads to those who are ready to take up the task of constantly monitoring social media.

"The first charges were against those who used websites, for which the IP or unique addresses were recorded and thus easy to track, to create posts that critically tainted [Kai's] character...Our next charge will be against the posts created on social media channels, including Twitter, such as Daum and Naver cafes (blogs)," the post read.

The "Call me Baby" singer's official fan club seems to have taken action after several posts on his relationship with f(x) member Krystal surfaced online.

Earlier, a Korean netizen uploaded the EXO member's grocery store receipt, indicating that he is sexually active. A part-time employee at the grocery store uploaded the receipt on social media platform, Pann, and later told Daily Kpop News that Kai used to frequent the store earlier, but now he is often accompanied by his girlfriend, Krystal.

So far, Kai hasn't responded to his fan group's decision to take legal action.

News of Kai and Krystal's relationship was first reported in April 2016. Dispatch published photos of the two together in a parking lot, sparking rumours of them dating. Subsequently, SM Entertainment confirmed that their in house artists are indeed in a relationship.