Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho will be holding a fan meeting for two days in Seoul from February 18.Reuters

Rumours about Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae's break-up startled, shocked and upset several fans. After all, the celebrity couple is known for sharing a relationship that's cute and frankly, quite adorable. Thankfully, the celebrities' agencies confirmed that the two are still dating and that everything's fine. In addition to this, a recent study suggested why Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae may not call it quits any time soon.

In the recently aired episode of "The Girl Who Leapt Chart," the "Boys over Flowers" actor and the miss A member's compatibility assessment was done through face reading. Experts on the TV show claimed that Lee Min-ho and his girlfriend are the most compatible among celebrity couples in the Korean entertainment industry.

The experts claimed that Suzy Bae's traits complement her boyfriend's characteristics. For example, the "Uncontrollably Fond" star is said to be passionate and full of "emotions" because of the "baby hair" on the forehead. Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho's lips suggest that he is quite stubborn, reported Yibada.

Although these traits don't necessarily scream compatibility, experts on the Korean variety programme claimed that these characteristics strengthen Lee Min-ho and Suzy Bae's relationship.

Unfortunately, it has been a long time since the 29-year-old actor has been seen with his girlfriend. The two have been busy with several upcoming projects. Lee Min-ho earlier signed on a new TV drama titled "The Legend of the Blue Sea," in which he will play a double role, that of a con artist and a member of a noble family.

Meanwhile, Suzy Bae, 21, recently graced the cover of Grazia Magazine. She spoke at length about her relationship with "Uncontrollably Fond" co-star Kim Woo Bin. Suzy said she felt uncomfortable with the actor but added that he was very considerate.