Bengalureans are in for a treat. After staying home for almost two months, most of which was without alcohol if you didn't have stock, some relaxations were issued on the sale of alcohol. But if you're craving for some freshly brewed beer instead of the canned ones, you won't be disappointed.

Just last month, when lakhs of litres of craft beer was poured down the drains as stocks were going stale. The response to that was anything but sober. While some people looked for light humour in the dark beer going down the drains, many were disheartened by it. Not anymore. What's done is in the past now, but Bengaluru has woken up to a new day when its people can enjoy a chilled fresh craft beer in this serene locked-down city.

Get some fresh beer in Bengaluru

How to get craft beer in Bengaluru?

Let's get to the point. The Karnataka excise department allowed microbreweries to sell their stock as a takeaway. In Bengaluru, there over 60 microbreweries - all of which are relieved with the news. But the relaxation is not without restriction.

This does not mean microbreweries in the city are allowed to open for business as usual. They can only sell their existing stock and a senior official in the excise department said the beer can only be sold in ceramic glasses or stainless steel containers of up to 2 litres. Since there's no question of preparing any new fresh stock, microbreweries are allowed to sell their existing stock till June 30. Moreover, the state's excise department is charging thrice the additional duty for the sale.

Craft beer
Craft beerPixabay

With the deadline and piled up stock of craft beer, Bengalureans might get a steal deal. For instance, Rekansh Karamchandani who runs XOOX Brewmill said he has 6,000 litres of beer stored, which will be sold with up to 40 percent discount.

Besides, the permission to sell craft beer will help generate cash flow for microbreweries so they can pay salaries to employees, Prashant Kunal, CEO and Founder of The Bier Library told Bangalore Mirror.

So get your containers ready and hop to the closest microbrewery to stock up your beer before the stock runs out. The weekend doesn't have be dull.