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Meghamsh, the younger son of late actor Srihari, is making his on-screen debut with Rajdooth, which is releasing on July 12. The star kid is happy about it and says he is not nervous at all.

After Srihari passed away, his family were not seen in public events and their existence was least bothered by others. But they had blessings and love from all the fans of Srihari. "People were showing a lot of sympathy for us after our father passed away," Meghamsh told the International Business Times, India, when asked about the life after the death of his father.

"We also know that the reason they were being kind to us is our father. Mom told us not to take too much of sympathy to heart but take it as their love for us. After dad, we understood who were are genuine well-wishers and who were with us for namesake," Meghamsh told IBTimes India.

Srihari always told his media friends that he wants his younger son to become a hero and elder one to become a director. Fortunately, both of them are working hard towards making their father's dream come true.

Meghamsh Srihari in Rajdhooh
Meghamsh Srihari in RajdhoohPR Handout

"We people weren't seen in public for some time because we had a lot of issues to deal with. My brother is the strongest pillar and he took care of me and mom. Meanwhile, we were working on our launch too. Brother is being trained to learn the nuances of direction now," said the starlet when asked why they deserted themselves from the industry.

Speaking about Rajdooth, his debut film, Meghamsh said that he is very much excited about being himself on screen. "I want to sit in between a huge crowd and watch the film, to know how I performed. Mom is very happy with the way the film has shaped up. It's going to be a nice film which has a good story. If dad was alive, I am sure my launch would have been grand. Thanks to god, for giving us such a good mother who even trains us on how to dance," he added.