In Gauri Shinde's next, "Dear Zindagi," Shah Rukh Khan plays life coach to Alia Bhatt's character. Off-screen the two are pretty much the same.

Alia cannot stop gushing about how comfortable the superstar has made her and others feel on the sets. In the young star's words, Shah Rukh never makes anyone feel "unimportant" and has "tremendous regard" for everyone's work.

Despite the age difference, the two would chat away like friends. However, at times, Alia would feel very "young" as he would sound so "knowledgeable" in his conversations.

"He knows so much more than me. He makes every anecdote, every incident from his life sound so interesting. I just loved to sit and chat with him in-between shots. It was absolutely amazing," Alia told SKJ Bollywood News.

Up until a few days ago, no one really knew what SRK's role was in the film. With the makers not willing to divulge details, there were rumours that the actor and Alia have been romantically paired in the film, which made for some fodder for gossip.

The first-look of "Dear Zindagi" was revealed using a series of tweets, which appeared more like journal entries. A very new and unique way of promoting a film, in a time and age where everyone is putting out flashy film stills and motion posters.

SRK has a full-fledged role in the film, about thirty minutes or so, and not a cameo as reported earlier. His character helps Alia develop a holistic perspective on life.

Scheduled to arrive in theatres on Nov. 25, the film will clash with Vidya Balan's "Kahaani 2."