Samsung released a new video advertisement showing a lifelong iPhone user switching to a Galaxy Note 8, which is ultimately suggesting the entire iPhone users to "upgrade to Galaxy". On Thursday Motorola published its own take on that advertisement with a different ending to it.

So what Motorola did is, it took the ending scene of the Samsung's ad where the protagonist of the ad was walking towards his home, giving a sight to the people who were waiting in queue for iPhone. Motorola took it from there and continued it with the same protagonist where he reached home, and show off his new Galaxy Note 8 to his girlfriend/wife, and shows her a recording of them on the new edge-to-edge display.

Motorola new advertisement
Motorola new advertisement youtube screengrab / Motorola US

Here is the twist, she's not particularly impressed with his new phone and there she pulled out her new Moto Z2 Play with an InstaShare Projector Moto Mod, then she shares the same recording on the wall. Motorola took to Facebook to say this to Samsung: "We loved your ad, but we think you forgot the ending."

Motorola's take on Samsung advertisement is a fresh dose of humour, but they only managed to focus on one feature that is Moto Mode, where on the other side Samsung showed loads of feature in their commercial. Moreover, the smartphones shown in the commercial are not Samsung's latest flagship as it has fat and bezels on top and bottom.

At the end of the advertisement, Motorola seems to be saying that a Moto Z with its Mods is an "upgrade" to Samsung's latest handset. Well, this probably depends on what a user needs from a new smartphone, it's totally his or her call.

Here is the video