Tiffany Hwang
Tiffany HwangWikimedia Commons/ SparkleS805

As Girls' Generation member Tiffany Hwang celebrates her 27th birthday on Monday, August 1, she isn't alone. Several of her fans on Twitter have already wished the singer and are celebrating it with the #QUEENTIFFANYDAY. Tiffany aka Stephanie's fans have even gifted her a cake and suffice it to say that she looks thrilled by the amount of love she's received. However, what is the SM Entertainment artiste doing on her special day?

According to the "I Just Wanna Dance" singer's Instagram account, she is currently in the United States along with band mates Seohyun and Taeyeon. Several pictures confirm that Tiffany and fellow SNSD members are in the country to perform and meet fans at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

Tiffany captioned one picture of her and the band members thus: "Being back home, With your bestfriends, to Perform at the staples center & meeting all the fans = Best birthday EVER."

It does seem like she is working on her birthday but for millions of her fans, catching a glimpse of their hallyu idol on her special day is no doubt an unusual experience. We won't be surprised if the crowd breaks into a "Happy Birthday" refrain as well.

So far, the "Lion Heart" singer hasn't revealed much about what else she's planned for her birthday but her social media accounts will probably reveal some special moments from the day. Until then, here are a few interesting facts about the Korean-American singer:

  • Tiffany was very enthusiastic about learning yoga and pleaded with her instructor to teach her well, only to quit it after three days. 
  • She is an animal lover and wants to adopt a tiger as a pet.
  • Her band mate Seohyun thinks Tiffany is very responsible and mature. She once said, "You can learn a lot from Fanny Unni."
  • She hails from a family of five. Tiffany has an elder brother named Leo and an older sister named Michelle. 
  • Tiffany likes to document certain experiences. For instance, she always stores her cinema tickets in her diary and notes down who she went with. 
  • She is terrified of bugs.
  • Tiffany had her first kiss when she played spin-the-bottle.