There are several reasons why you would want to make 24-year-old Noah Centineo your new screen boyfriend. With films such as PS To All The Boys: I Still Love You, The Perfect Date, Swiped, SPF 18, To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Noah has mainly managed to make you wish if only you were back in High School again just to get one last chance to date Peter Kavinsky.

Noah got his first big-scale exposure when he featured in The Fosters, which was produced by Jennifer Lopez. It was in 2017 when he featured in Camila Cabello's hit single Havana. It was from that moment when he stood out as the boy-next-door crush and offers from Netflix just came pouring in. It was after the film To All The Boys I've Loved Before when he shot to popularity.

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Noah Centineo's popularity is not only for his good looks, good looks and good looks but in his ability to be the good boyfriend. It was in Swiped when he helmed the role of a playboy who used women for sex and never called them back. The film rightfully did not glorify his behaviour and maybe for the first time kept his character in a disturbing position where the so-called great Lance Black, had to watch his bespectacled, pale and lean roommate, consensually get the permission to enter a sorority full of pretty women, while Black despite his good looks and popularity, was verbally boycotted by the women for breaking their hearts. Noah, who played Lance Black in the film, knew very well that he was wrong and he eventually chose to change himself.

In The Perfect Date, he was a middle class guy who started volunteering for a date-service app to earn enough money to get to Yale. Like every youngster, he lived under the illusion that dating the prettiest girl and earning a degree from an Ivy League university would make him the perfect boy. You may or may not agree with Brooks, but he still manages to capture your attention with his ideas. Here, Brooks is ready to be a man who will not exploit his parents with students loan to get a degree from Yale. In the US, (even in India) education has become a game of pricey business. While some of them rely on bank loans, others choose to make a living of their own. On some level, you can't help but admire Brooks for his effort to do better, he was universally appealing to all those youngsters hailing from middle-class families, engaging themselves in thankless jobs only to earn enough to get a degree from an Ivy League.

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It was in To All The Boys I've Loved Before where he completely won your heart with the role of Peter Kavinsky. You don't just love Peter Kavinsky because he chooses to date Lara Jean Covey, but mainly because he chooses to remain honest even while starting a fake relationship. Eventually, Peter and Lara fell in love and before they even knew it.

Even at a young stage in his career, Noah has already kept his characters in the right place. When they are morally wrong, they are not rewarded, and that is where he managed to become the new heartthrob for teenage girls who often seek a role model when they are asked about their idea of a perfect boyfriend.