Supergirl will join the superheroes of CW starting next season
Supergirl will join the superheroes of CW starting next seasonFacebook/Legends of Tomorrow

"Supergirl" is flying to the CW and she brings along a gigantic four-way crossover of every nerd's dreams. The CW chief Mark Pedowitz has officially announced that come next season, fans will get to see an annual crossover between "Arrow" Season 5, "The Flash" Season 3, "Supergirl" Season 2 and "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2.

Pedowitz made the announcement at the CW's upfront presentation that was held in NYC in May. All the stars of these popular superhero shows also seem to nearly as excited as the fans themselves.

"Four show crossover, yes!" an excited Victor Garber aka Dr Stein of "Legends of Tomorros" tells E! However, he does know how difficult it is going to be write and produce such a huge endeavour: "It's a theoretically great idea. Hard to do, but I'm up for it." Fellow "Legends" star Brandon Routh also agrees with, "I'm glad I don't have to plan it all, because...mind-boggling!"

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However, he is quite excited about the prospect of getting to act with his friends from other shows. "Obviously Supergirl would be fun and ironic and funny," the former "Superman" actor said.

Meanwhile, Carlos Valdes aka Cisco of "The Flash" wants to spend some time with Winn from "Supergirl." "I think we'd explore some interesting character dynamics, and he's a theatre dude like me. We both came from theatre, and so we know a lot of the same people," Valdes says in support of his idea.

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