Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanBatmanvSuperman/Facebook

Because the plot of the Wonder Woman movie has been kept under wraps, the new trailer for the superhero film has garnered a lot of interest, particularly because it gives hints about what viewers can expect when the movie comes out in June 2017.

As expected, the trailer is action-packed and the only part that's set in modern times is at the beginning when Gal Gadot's character is seen in front of the Louvre. One of the following scenes shows Chris Pine's character Steve's plane crashing near the coast of Themiscyra, and Diana diving into the cold waters to save him.

Next up we see a few armed men, believed to be Germans, landing at Themiscyra and engaging in battle. This gives us our first look of Menalippe, the chief priestess of the Amazons of Themyscira, and Epione, a healer, in action.

One scene in the trailer also pays homage to Christopher Reeve's Superman when Wonder Woman uses her bracelet to stop a bullet from hitting Steve. This scene is very similar to the one in Superman when Clark Kent shields Lois Lane from a mugger.

Check out the Wonder Woman trailer below: