Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift seems smitten, loved and protected by Tom Hiddleston's gestures. If he's gently placing a kiss on her hand in one picture then he's enveloped her in a protective embrace in the next. Their two week relationship undoubtedly is tinged with that giddying feeling one gets when it's the stuff of everlasting love. But there are other words being used to describe Hiddleswift romance. Words such as "fake" and "staged" are littered in most articles that are written about Taylor and Tom.

However, why does everyone seem to think the "Blank Space" singer's relationship is exaggerated and staged? After all, she has been seen and photographed with men she dated previously and she looked as happy then as she does now with Tom. But body language experts claim that their chemistry looks forced and manicured.

The UK-based body language expert Judy James said that Tom has identified himself a chivalrous, old-fashioned boyfriend and Taylor seems absorbed in a romance that's in stark contrast to what was captured of her 15-month long relationship with ex Calvin Harris.

"They even seem to be laughing as they kiss on the balcony, which suggests a nippy little pose rather than a moment of genuine passion," Mirror quoted the body language expert as saying.

She added: "They remind me of the slightly awkward-looking 'romantic strolls' Taylor was seen taking with Harry Styles back in the day, with the couple trying to look intimate while surrounded by an entourage and photographers."

It's not just the saccharine sweetness of Taylor and Tom's relationship that seems quite unreal, it is their openness to the paparazzi that's shocked most people, including photographers.

Photographer Justin Steffman told Cosmopolitan that the "Bad Blood" singer loves to have control. In his words, the 26-year-old celebrity doesn't like it when she is caught having a private moment with friends, but in this case, many are left wondering how or rather why, Taylor has changed her PR relations.

This ready information on Taylor and Tom's relationship has, in many ways, demystified celebrity relationships, which so often warrant a slew of gossip stories. And fans of the singer aren't curious or interested in what the couple does next.