Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, recently won hearts with his different look in the teaser of "Fan".

The teaser showed SRK as a fan, Gaurav Chandana, who looks a lot like the superstar. Shah Rukh will also play the character of Aryan Khanna -- the superstar, similar to his real-life personality.

Recently, SRK said that the film will also have scenes from his old films. But, the interesting part is that the makers have not taken clips from past films of SRK, but have reshot those scenes and recreated those sequences.

"There are dialogues from my previous films which we have revisited in this film. We have reshot all the clips again as Aryan Khanna. Maneesh ne phir se woh recreate kiya hai (Maneesh has recreated them)," Shah Rukh told DNA.

The "Dilwale" actor didn't reveal much but shared one dialogue from his film "Baazigar", which has been recreated in the film "Fan."

"There's one from 'Baazigar', the one where I say, '15 saal se jo khoon mere ma ke ankhon mein aansu banke behta raha...'. But we haven't taken 'Baazigar' clips and simply reshot them. So the dialogues are still the same. I have only said it once again in this film," SRK said.

He also talked about how difficult it was for him to recreate those dialogues and scenes again.

"I had to say those lines again as the superstar in 'Fan'. So we were shooting when Maneesh and the entire team said 'Waisa nahi kiya jaisa aap karte ho'. So I said I know how it's done because I have done it previously too. But Maneesh told me, 'Woh Shah Rukh Khan waali baat nahi aayi. Aapki ankhon mein woh nahi aaya hai jo tab aaya tha'. So for me, it became very difficult to play both the roles," Shah Rukh said.

He further added, "I always tell people that there will be five films which I will show my kids after 20 years and 'Fan' will be one of those films. I don't know about the genre, the box office returns but for me, as an actor, I am very proud of this film."

After watching the teaser, the audience is also very excited about  the flick to release. The theatrical trailer will be unveiled in January next year.

Currently, King Khan is shooting the last leg of Rohit Shetty's "Dilwale", which is set to hit theatres on 18 December.