With his immense talent and artistic vision, David Bowie has influenced many musicians, and Kanye West has decided to create an album to pay tribute to the English singer. The "Yeezus" rapper is working on giving his spin to some of Bowie's classics like "Heroes", "Charges" and "Rebel, Rebel".

Kanye's earnest gesture, however, was met with a resentful reaction by many Bowie fans, who claimed that it would be a "sacrilege" to let Kanye West "ruin" Bowie's songs. "David Bowie was one of the single most important musicians of the 20th and 21st century, it would be a sacrilege to let it be ruined by Kanye West," the petition created by Peter Piranha states.

It also demands that Kanye West be stopped from being "allowed to record covers of Bavid Bowie's music". It has already received 20,000 signatures in a matter of two days.

Like every artist in the world, Kanye West also has fans and haters; however, in his case both parties seem to be extremely opinionated. While fans of David Bowie may not believe that Kanye West will do justice to the covers, Bowie himself would have been appreciative of the gesture.

Snippets from Bowie's songs have been used in many rap songs, including that of Jay Z, J Dilla, El-P and so on, and if the English singer had a dislike for rap, why would he have granted permission? Moreover, Kanye West is an innovator in music much like Bowie and if anyone deserves to create a tribute album for David Bowie, should it not be the man who creates and recreates new levels of artistic standards on a seemingly daily basis, much like Bowie did?

And if the conspiracy theory published by Design & Trend is true, then Bowie predicted the birth and rise of Kanye West. According to the theory, lyrics to the first song in Bowie's "Five Years" claims that the world has only five years before utter destruction, during this time a savior shall rise. Five years and two days after the release of "Five Years" Kanye West was born in Atlanta.

While the theory that explores Bowie's "predictions" about Kanye seems far-fetched, the truth remains that Bowie would have had no qualms about Kanye West's tribute for him.