Disco Raja
Ravi Teja in Disco RajaPR Handout

Actor Ravi Teja has not been able to bag a hit for a while now. In the last five films, only one has been a hit at the box office. At this stage of his career, Ravi Teja requires a hit with good box office collections. And it looks like his upcoming movie Disco Raja - directed by VI Anand - is going to give him that much-needed hit.  

This film is slated for release on January 24 and here are a few things you have to know about the film. The teaser of the movie was recently unveiled and it promises that the film is going to be an out and out entertainer. 

Disco Raja
Still from Disco RajaPR Handout

According to sources, the film Disco Raja revolves around a medical project rejected by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Despite having no permission to continue the research, some corporate giants proceeded with the project by choosing an individual (Ravi Teja) who has no records or reports. So this film will time travel as per the necessity of the story and we can see Ravi Teja in multiple avatars.

If you have watched the teaser of the film, during the end, we get to see a chilled-out Ravi Teja kicking some serious transformation. This film has two actresses - Payal Rajput and Nabha Natesh - and this is their first-ever collaboration with the Ravi Teja.