Mark Ballas and fiance BC Jean
Mark Ballas and fiance BC JeanInstagram/Mark Ballas

Mark Ballas, one of the most popular professional dancers from "Dancing with the Stars", got engaged to singer BC Jean on 25 November 2015. However, he only recently confirmed the proposal on Instagram and now, just weeks later, Ballas revealed the details of how he did the deed and how nervous he was.

The dancer/singer/actor was at the red carpet attending the Maxim and Range 15 party held during the 2016 Sundance Film Festival along with fiancé, when questions regarding the proposal popped up. Their manager was in on the whole thing, and fooled Jean into thinking that she is going over to Ballas' house to confirm something regarding their group.

Ballas also revealed that despite having grown up in the limelight, he was nervous when the moment approached. He said, "When she got in there I froze. My heart was pounding. I was cool as a cucumber all day. I've been on stages my whole life, and when she walked in the room I thought, 'Whoa, here we go.'"

The romantic dancer had converted the entire house into Woodstock, and had all of their friends and family hiding upstairs. He revealed that he was ecstatic that everything went according to plan. "It was just absolutely incredible," he said regarding the proposal.

Ballas confirmed the news of his engagement by posting following picture on his Instagram page, claiming he was surprised that him and Jean were able to keep it a secret for as long as they  have: