Superstar Rajinikanth has been entertaining his fans with his incomparable style and inimitable panache for over four decades now. From the iconic way he delivers his dialogues to his unique fight sequences, Rajinikanth, or Thalaivar as he is lovingly called by fans, is loved for many reasons.

Known as style mannan, Rajini's walk talk and even the way he wears glasses has his unique stamp. At 65, he still has a star power that no other celebrity can hope to achieve. We are hoping to see this Rajini style in his upcoming release "Kabali" as well.

Check out some of the most stylish and unique actions of Thalaivar Rajini here:

We cannot start this list with anything other than Rajini's unique glass-wearing technique.

Other heroes need a lighter or matchbox to smoke, but not Thalaivar. He will light his cigarette with a gun.

You wonder how he has the perfect aim to light the tip of a cigarette? Because, he is constantly practicing.

Seriously. He is ALWAYS practicing. After beating a villain once, he tosses him back up like a football and beats him all over again.

And what if the villain ran too far away? Rajini has a way to stop him without even moving from his spot.

Someone tries to chop your head off from the back? You just bite the knife.

If Rajini the hero is this effective, imagine him as a robot. "Endhiran" Rajini is just too cool even for words.